Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crop Sneak Peek

I've been jumping on bandwagons all over the place here and I have something very cool to show you as a result!!  It's actually what I'll be demo-ing at the April Crop in Winkler, Manitoba, for Love is in the Details.  You can find out more here.

Basically it's all about the foil.  Gold.  Silver.  Red.  Blue.  Foil comes in a ton of delicious colors, but the gold is where. it's. at.  

Basically, a laser printer and a cheap little laminator is what makes all this shiny goodness possible.  There are fancy expensive machines out there, but you definitely don't have to go that route.
As well, I'm going to be showing how to foil up die-cuts and such like.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I haven't forgotten about the felt balls post….it's comin' round the mountain, yes it is.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sometimes I actually MAKE the things I PIN....

More bloggy catch up today!

Back in 2014 I decided to make my kids some gifts.  Mostly as an excuse to execute a few of the cute things I've pinned on Pinterest.  As per usual, those pictures don't begin to tell the effort it will actually take, to make what you see.  Everything all staged and lovely with perfect lighting and coordinating, colored, extraneous and unrelated items....and NOWHERE do you see how hard it is to actually make your own felted wool balls.  Or that it takes 30 days to preserve the lemons it calls for in that recipe!  But I digress.
The first item is one I've had pinned for a couple of years.  I finally decided this was the right time to try it.  THEN I discovered how scarce those old plastic alphabet stencils are!  Thank you eBay.  I got the pillow covers from Ikea, and scoured (where else) Pinterest for some suitable poems/quotes and got to work.  Found out along the way, that thick tipped Sharpies, while faster, bleed through the fabric and over the outlines.  Like, a lot.  And that looks bad.  But the fine tipped Sharpies don't.  They just take a 1000 hours per pillow.  Is all.
Using one of those disappearing ink, fabric pens, makes it easy to write out your poem and adjust the words to fit as you go along.  
I actually traced the words of the first two pillows with pencil.  Here is your free life hack for today.  Don't believe the original poster when they say that you can erase the pencil afterwards.  Trust me.  The disappearing ink pen is the. way. to. go.
It's a good thing I love to do a lot of contemplative, navel-gazing-type activities, such as coloring in letters with a teeny tiny pen tip.  It made for a great activity sitting in airports and on planes, etc.
This photo shows how much of the disappearing ink has faded in 24 hours.  By 48 hours, it's virtually gone.
Thanks to Shel Silverstein for his poem "How Many Slams".  I also used the very well known "You are the Cheese to my Macaroni" with some editing to make it all fit.  Also Marianna Paige's "I Don't Think I Love Very Many Things".  And finally, 
One of my kids liked this well enough to request a custom made apron with a message on it.  Off to find a blank apron now!

Tomorrow:  Felted Wool Ball Garlands, inspired by Pinterest and saved by Etsy!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Look what the Internet sent me!!

Most days I wake up thinking I've seen it all.

Then I go on Pinterest.  Or Etsy.  Or the Intranets.  Like FAIRY GARDENS!!!?  Did you know this is a whole big thing??  Had no idea.  

My most recent discovery was egg cartons.  There is a site on Etsy where you can buy almost any configuration of egg cartons from a 2-egger, to a more bigger-egger.  Well, what could I do???  I ordered some of the pairs, a few trios, some 4-egg cartons aaaaaaand decided I'd best stop there!  I also alerted my friend Lori from Love is in the Details so she could bring some into the store.  

And with last month being Valentines and all, here's what I made.  
The heart shaped, 3 eggers, I just piled on the die cuts and scrappy embellishments.  I had a few laying around.
This 4-egger got the stamping and watercolor treatment.  Turns out, egg carton material is not unlike watercolor paper for absorbency and such, like.

The things you could put inside this cute packaging is an endless list, but I did some macarons, truffles, mini cupcakes and even succulent seedlings!  I die, right!?  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Refrigerator Friends

I don't know if it's the same in your house, but our fridge has always been an archive of information, reminders, notes and photos.  Sometimes many layers deep.  Also a repository of salad dressings, leftovers and limp veggies.  But the archives are on the door.  Mostly.  The limp veggies were really getting to me though, so when we planned our kitchen reno last fall, we opted for a very lovely SubZero refrigerator.  Stainless Steel.  (dream come true!) But as you probably already know, magnets don't stick to stainless steel.  No loss.  Those magnets mostly just look messy and cluttered.  But what I really miss is the ability to display all the photo cards that come to us, especially at the holidays.  So I needed a way to still be able to see them and let others see them too.  

Enter Pinterest, stage left.

Here's what I made.  And if you know me at all, you know how much this pleases my logomaniac heart.  Anything with text is good.  
So after tearing off the covers of a Good Will book, I folded each page in half and laid it open on the table.  Thats it.  Just two steps of instruction!  SO fantastically easy and fast and more to the point, accomplishes exactly what I needed it to!
I think this would make a great way to display holiday cards as well!
As you can see there are many pages left with room for lots more photos!  Send us your family photos and I'll be happy to put all of your smiling faces in there!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oh Yikes!!

November was the month of my last blog post!!  If that doesn't perfectly illustrate how fast time flies...!!  *Insert creative, interesting, perfectly justifiable excuse for absence here*.  (It can't be blamed on simple creative paralysis, surely!?)  (Alright maybe a little.)  

So, it's not like I haven't been doing ANYthing for the last 2.5 months, and herein begins the effort to prove it!  Today I'm sharing my most recent layout for Love is in the Details.  I'll be posting other recent projects over the next little while, so check back regularly!

Two years ago, I helped my aging parents move from their home of 52 years, into a condo.  In the process, as you can imagine, many treasures surfaced.  One of those items was something I didn't even know existed, although I am well acquainted with the story that accompanies it.  It's a wicker suitcase that belonged to my grandmother back in "the old country".  Probably purchased in Latvia, it accompanied them as they made several urgent and desperate moves until finally arriving and settling in Canada.
I tired to retell the story on the layout:
"In 1946, a retired police officer was hired to smuggle my grandma and 4 of her children out of East Germany and into the West.  They took only the clothes on their backs, and whatever could fit into a picnic basket, having to make it seem as though they were merely going on a berry picking excursion.  This is that basket.  It had come with them from Latvia, and accompanied them all the way to Canada in 1948."
On the basket is written, the family name, the town, province and country they were heading to.  There is a metal rod that was once inserted through metal loops, but no one has any idea what became of it.

This is, to me, the best of what scrapbooking can do...bringing to life again, a piece of history, and connecting past and future generations in the documenting of it.

I used lots of Teresa Collins product, from the Life Emporium and 9&Co lines.  As well I used Gossamer Blue paper, Amy Tangerine Thickers, My Mind's Eye enamel dots and die cuts, and some Tim Holtz Idea-ology vellum paper.

Thanks for coming back to check on things here, and please check back again soon!  More projects are being pre-posted as we speak!  Write?  Type?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Where there is a Part 1, there must also be a Part 2…

So I couldn't leave the Kraft-Tex paper/fabric projects while there was still enough to cut up and make stuff out of.  And I loved the first passport cover I made, and had so many more stamps/ideas that wanted to be used/created that I had to make a few more.  I'm just glad I don't have to decide which one I like best!  I love them ALL!

When I was finished with these, there was still a small piece of Kraft-Tex left that I ran through the Sizzix embossing/die cutting machine to make an assortment of leaves.  The perfect little embellishment to any project that just needs a little some'pn some'pn.  Like these cards!

These projects, along with a few more "process" photos are posted at Love is in the Details today.  As well as links to getcha some Kraft-Tex stuff for y'self!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Latest and Greatest, part 1

I'm posting today at Love is in the Details, showing a couple of simple little projects I created using a very cool new product called Kraft-Tex!  Paper fabric basically!  I made Mr B a passport cover like he's been wanting, and a matching luggage tag.  

And I still have more paper.  Or fabric, now that it's been washed.  And several more ideas…so check back for another post about that!  All the specifics, instructions and more photos are found here.  Thanks for stopping by today!